The Process


So you’re curious or have decided you’re in need of a custom piece of furniture. I’d love to learn about what you’re looking for! The best way to communicate and transfer your ideas to me is by using any photos you’ve seen that might incorporate design features of your desired piece or sketches that you’ve come up with, no matter how crude they may be. Let’s have a discussion about what you like or don’t like. From there, I can offer advice, alterations, and or additional choices and suggestions. Once we both feel we’re on the same page as to what you’re looking for, I’ll bring these ideas to the drawing board.


I like to design through a process of both hand sketches and digital imagery. After a few raw design elements have been bounced back and forth between you and I and we both feel most of the kinks have been worked out, I’ll turn these refined ideas into a stronger sense of reality with dimensional, colored drawings. This gives us both an opportunity to physically see our conceptual idea in a true setting. I can create an image of our concept and actually build around it the space it will live in. These graphics also show details such as close ups, dimensions and 360 degree perspectives. Once this design is approved, I will use these drawings as blueprints to create your custom order.

Once you’ve approved the custom drawings and price quote, I will provide you with a contract listing the details of blueprints, color choices, deposit required, finish, material selection, price, and projected timeline. This keeps us both on the same page and any question of what the final product will be is answered.


Your concept is becoming a reality. Construction has started and pieces are coming together. I know how exciting it is and how long it can seem to take for you to finally have your custom piece in hand. I will be sure to send you updates and progress photos, and keep you in the loop as your custom piece takes shape.


Finished! Work is all done. What delivery day works for YOU? My desire is to serve my clients right down to and beyond the delivery date. This is about what you want after all. I offer personal delivery services as well as freight shipping. Often on larger projects or projects that require assembly that are out of state, I recommend personal delivery opposed to freight. I will always offer information for the best care and maintenance practices to keep your custom piece in mint condition. Payment is required prior to delivery after proof of completion.

What’s Next?

At this point I’m sure you will be happy with the outcome. I’d love to hear what you have to say, so any feedback is very much appreciated. Much of my business comes from return clients and I would love for that to be the case with you. Don’t be surprised if I call a year or later and follow up to make sure you’re still happy with your custom piece. If we haven’t yet worked together, please visit my recognition page to read what others have to say about their custom order experience.